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Mend The Marriage

by Jerome Princy (2019-10-20)

You may have separated from Mend The Marriage Review your spouse, or divorced. Now the question you may be wondering is, how does one go about getting your wife back? I am going to try and help you with this job. The very first step, though, is to back up a bit. Ask yourself this: Should I even try to get my wife back? Sometimes we concentrate so much on our goal, that we never ask ourselves what we are doing, and why. The unpleasant truth is, not all marriages can or should be saved. How serious are the problems you face? Alcoholism, infidelity, abuse, money woes or lack of communication or affection? All can be overcome, but some are easier to fix than others, as you can imagine. So is your relationship really worth saving? Maybe not. Perhaps you are better off to just get on with your life, and find someone new. If you still feel that you want to rescue your marriage and that getting your wife back is the best course, then the next question is this: Does she feel the same way? Fixing your relationship is hard enough; if the two of you each go at it from your own end, things are likely to go much better. On the other hand, if you want to get your wife back, and she is not interested in a reconciliation, your job will be much tougher. Not impossible, mind you. But all the work will fall on you. Decide how you will tackle your problems. If one of you was unfaithful, you can talk about it, perhaps with a marriage counselor, and try to get past it. The cheating partner must sincerely regret his or her actions, and promise never to stray again. If they have been cheating for years, the outlook, frankly, is not good. It might still be worth another try. However if the main problem is booze or drug addiction, the two of you will probably need professional help to get over it. Go to Alcoholics Anonymous, or a drug treatment center. None of this is easy; no one is pretending it is. Remember, though, that you caused very real pain and suffering to your spouse with your bad behavior. You will have to make up for that, as well. This will not be simple or easy either. It will take time to restore trust, affection and closeness between you. If all this is too tall an order for you, then maybe you should not even try to save the relationship. But stop and think for a minute. If you are the one with the problem, be it alcoholism, drugs, physical abuse, etc., surely it is worth getting straightened out for your own sake. You bet it is. You will then have a much better chance of getting your wife back. Now here is the important point! Even if you do not get your wife back, or you decide to give up on the attempt, you are now a much better person for having gotten over your difficulties. You will be much more likely to meet someone new very soon, and to succeed with your next relationship! So are you going to try and put your marriage back together again? Great! Getting your wife back and finding renewed happiness and love is probably the most important thing you will ever do. As promised, I can offer you some help to get you started.