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Vision 20/20 Protocol

by Regina Fancy (2019-09-08)

The incision allows the surgeon to peel back the top Vision 20/20 Protocol Review layer of the eye. The surgeon will use alcohol to float away the layer of the eye that was created. Once this is done, the surgeon will use a laser to reshape the cornea. However much it sounds like it would be painful, this is mostly pain free. This might sound frightening, but it is much scarier to think about than it is to actually experience it.The surgery corrects nearsightedness by flattening the cornea. For farsightedness, the cornea is steepened. Laser surgery can be used to correct astigmatisms by reshaping the irregular cornea into a normal cornea.Thirty years ago, this would be a different experience. PRK (photorefractive keratectomy) was the method used before LASIK was available. PRK uses an ultraviolet light beam to remove tiny pieces of tissue from the eye. The removal of this tissue reshapes the cornea to achieve the desired results.Macular degeneration is a serious condition that is mainly found in the elderly. The macular, also known as the center of the retinal area, starts to become thin and atrophied. In many cases, the area will bleed. For many people, it often results in the loss of their central vision, which means they will no longer have a detailed vision. Detailed vision allows you to read, recognize faces, and even drive a car. All of these things will no longer be possible for one who has this health condition.