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Ambien Review

by Lovely Soul (2019-08-29)

This happened to me. My first lover did not say anything. Ambien But from her body language I could sense disappointment. And watching porn movies didn't do any good to boost my self confidence either. Watching these well endowed, super guys who could go on and on and on like an "energizer bunnies" just added to my despair. Hence my search for natural penis enlargement began. This article is a summary of my research. First of all I would like to start by answering the most fundamental question: Is it possible to enlarge the penis? The answer is a definite YES! Before I discuss the "how" of enlarging the penis, I believe it's important to understand the anatomy and physiology of the penis. The cross section of the shaft of the penis would reveal 3 chambers. The smaller lower chamber is called Corpus Spongiosum and the 2 upper chambers are called Corpus Cavernosum. During sexual activity, the arteries within these chambers dilate and allow more blood to flow rapidly into them under pressure. This high pressure from the blood would cause the ballooning of the chambers to the extent that the penis becomes hard and elongated.