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iGenics Review

by Lovely Soul (2019-08-23)

The monks maintain that moving the eyes over iGenics the chart gives the eyes a "workout" and that this workout is important to vision. Additionally, they believe that using the Tibetan eye chart frees up tension stored in the eyes and area surrounding the eyes. Some also maintain that the eye chart aids in eliminating lipids from the eyes and in bringing in helpful nutrients. Although to date there is no hard core evidence verifying the effectiveness of the Tibetan eye chart, many first hand reports support its value. It seems unlikely that a method would have survived as long as this one if it provided no real benefits. In the Western world, various people have advocated eye exercises throughout the years. However, the concept gained prominence in 1919, thanks to the published works of an ophthalmologist by the name of Dr. William Horatio Bates. Bates' books and self help manuals have been around in various formats ever since. The most recent reincarnation, called Better Eyesight without Glasses, showed up in 2005. Amazon describes this book as a self help manual which "outlines the Bates method of retraining eyes, using exercises which relax the eye muscles and then retrain them to focus efficiently and without strain."