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SlumberPM Review

by Shanu Sweet (2019-08-15)

Proper nutrition is also key to feeling SlumberPM alert and energetic. Avoid highly processed foods and sugars as these will only make your body more sluggish after a short energy boost. Raw fruits and veggies or nuts make great pick me up snacks during the daytime. CPAP therapy is an extremely effective treatment for sleep apnea. At the same time, it's not extremely easy to get used to. Let's face it folks, after all, sleeping with a mask attached to a hose that's attached to an electric machine isn't exactly natural. But there are steps you can take to ease into it. For instance, you can begin wearing the mask for short periods of time days or weeks before you actually begin your treatments. Try wearing it while you watch television. Try wearing it while you're making dinner. Just find some time where you can slip it on and learn to forget about it. You can also run the CPAP machine before you begin your treatments in earnest. Maybe turn it on just before you go to bed so you can get used to the sound it makes. If you're used to sleeping in a quiet setting the machine will at first be intrusive, but you will learn to "block it out" psychologically in short order.