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PMF Advanced Proof Review

by Shanu Sweet (2019-08-14)

By the time students reached 8th grade, the PMF Advanced Proof number increased to 20% and ultimately soared to 50-70% at the college level. Close up activities such as studying and looking at the computer alone don't cause poor eyesight. Poor vision is primarily related to the way you use your eyes. Bad visual habits are the culprit. This involves activities such as staring at the computer without taking breaks, not looking up from your close up work. It's related to neglecting to put into practice, relaxation techniques that relieve eye strain. 4. The belief that seeing is only a physical process. This is misleading because the field of natural vision improvement encompasses so much more than physical eye exercises. It includes the relaxation techniques that relieve stress and tension in the eyes. It also involves nutritional factors such as incorporating fruits and vegetables in your diet to enhance your vision. 5. The belief that eye exercises cannot completely eliminate your dependency on glasses or contacts. Statistics from the American Optometric Association dismiss this misconception.51% of the people in their case studies reported having completely eliminated their need for glasses through the practice of natural vision therapy techniques.