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Cinderella Solution Review

by Shanu Sweet (2019-08-12)

Part of the problem is that women misunderstand Cinderella Solution what strength training is. Firstly it is not bodybuilding, this is not about how to build muscles or weight lifting. When a woman does strength exercise the goal is usually to lose weight and build lean muscle. This means using lighter weights and focusing on moves that will tone and tighten muscles, not build them up and make them bulky. It does not involve lifting hundreds of pounds of weight, but rather using smaller amount of weight to challenge the muscles and help them to become tighter. Strength conditioning is important because it helps build and tone muscles. Muscles take up less room than fat and they burn a lot of calories. So, when a woman works her muscles she is helping to create a leaner look and increasing her body's calorie burn. In simple terms, toning muscle can help a woman to lose weight and gain muscles faster and get a leaner looking body much quicker than she would if she were doing only aerobic exercises.