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StrictionD Review

by Shanu Sweet (2019-08-05)

While metformin is a popular diabetes treatment StrictionD medicine, it is now used widely as a life extension drug with anti ageing benefits. As metformin is known to cause dramatic weight loss along with reducing triglyceride cholesterol levels in the body, which are all connected with increasing age, it is well used and accepted as an anti ageing supplement. Moreover, as we age, the glucose tolerance levels of our body tend to decline causing loss of insulin sensitivity, which is main cause of type 2 diabetes in middle aged adults. Unlike other anti diabetic drugs, like sulfonylureas such as, Glyburide, Diabinase, Micronase, etc., which act by increasing the output of insulin from the pancreas to balance the rising glucose levels, metformin acts by increasing the sensitivity of the hypothalamus and peripheral tissues (like muscles) to the effects of insulin. This makes metformin better and superior to other anti diabetic drugs which overtime often result in pancreatic failure thereby transforming a type 2 diabetes patient into a type 1 diabetes patient.