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Backpack Electricity System Review

by Shanu Sweet (2019-08-05)

First I have a question for you. Name our three natural Backpack Electricity System resources. A hint; two you can see and feel, one you can feel but not see what are they? I bet you got them right, the sun you can see and feel, water you can see and feel wind you can not see but feel. This is what as known as renewable energy. Today we are going to talk about the sun and how it can provide more than just warmth. Here are some facts about the sun; the sun is 93 million miles from earth, if any closer it would cook are planet, the sun is 100 times larger than our earth, and the sun is mostly made up of hydrogen and helium, the sun emotes light, heat, and x-rays, and what is really amazing it is only a medium size or average size star. But, what other benefits can the sun provide? The sun's solar energy can produce electricity through the use of solar cells. A solar cell is a device when wired together constitutes a solar panel which is capable of producing electrical power. The rule of thumb for solar panels goes like this, the more direct sun light the more electrical power produced.