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Memory Hack

by Shanu Sweet (2019-07-30)

Even today, I wonder if more Marines would Memory Hack Review be alive, had I fought more fiercely to reach them, before so many of them died. "I had to kill!" I tell myself, as visions of lost friends and foe hauntingly reappear at inappropriate times. Guilt consumes my consciousness as I question why I had, and they did not survive. More dreadful, however, is the conflicting torment I feel when I acknowledge to myself - Iam thankful it was them, and not I. This story has one purpose, to extend a helping hand. Regardless of the war you fought, your memories are similar to mine, and mine to yours. I never recognized how suddenly the demons had matured. Disguised and deep-rooted, I assumed anxiety, loneliness, depression, alcohol abuse, nightmares and suicidal thoughts, were traits that haunted every man. To all past and current warriors, I rise and applaud your valiant stand. Nonetheless, to control War's Demons takes time, and the battle is much harder should you challenge them alone. So do not wait to seek medical assistance, as older Veterans had to do. For far too many warriors were less fortunate than me, and even you.