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Probiotic T 50

by Cynthia Richards (2019-07-29)

Use grated vegetables in pasta sauces - When I used a canned Probiotic T 50 Review pasta sauce I always saute onions, garlic, fresh mushrooms, green and red peppers and add the sauce with or with out browned ground beef, but I ALSO grate several large carrots to put in. Carrots give the sauce a real fresh flavored lift and the tomato sauce disguises the carrot flavor. To this day my family does not know I put carrots in their pasta sauce. Grated vegetables are also good in meat loaf or hamburger patties. When having spaghetti, grate a zucchini or 2 lengthwise and add it to the long noodles. If you peeled it they may not even know! Mix grated vegetables (carrots, onions, into salad dressings or sour cream and use as a veggie or corn chip dip. Smoothies - Using fresh or frozen berries as a base throw in some flax seed oil, a banana, and some melon (water melon, honey dew or cantaloupe) Then for more liquid JUICE 2 large carrots per person, and 1 pear per person, to dump in the blender instead of water! Add some "super fruit" powder or "green" powder to your smoothies for added wallop. Today it's easy to find organic freeze dried acai powder, goji powder, raspberry powder or any number of high antioxidant pure fruit powders. You can even find a mix of greens and fruits... these powders dramatically increase the power of your smoothie.