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The Memory Hack Review

by Cynthia Richards (2019-07-26)

There are many prescription drugs available, so we cannot The Memory Hack go through them all in a short article. But all you really need to know about the differences between drugs and natural medicine for ADHD are a few things: first, drugs do not work for every child. In fact, they make some kids' symptoms much worse. This is because all drugs have side effects and some kids are able to tolerate them well than others. Some of the milder side effects that are common to most prescription drugs include loss of appetite, stomach ache and sleeplessness. You don't have to think too long about how such side effects could adversely affect your child and his behavior, let alone his ability to concentrate and do well at school. Add to this the fact that we still don't know the long term effects of giving prescription drugs to children whose brains are developing and you can have some real concerns, especially if you suspect or already know that your child is sensitive to drugs. While some researchers believe that taking these drugs during childhood could lead to recreational drug use later on, this concern has not been proven. Still, it's something that a lot of parents can't help but think about.