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HydraLyft Review

by Shanu Sweet (2019-07-25)

Usually removing a skin tag is really just a matter HydraLyft of either having it surgically excised (one snip and its gone) by a dermatologist or having it lasered or frozen off. But what if you don't have the money, aren't insured, or simply are too cheap to have the skin tag professionally removed? What then? In this article, I will give a few natural methods to removing those pesky & stubborn tags of skin that seem to not want to go away. Tea Tree Oil- Is it possible that the orientals and eastern medicine are onto something here? Can you remove a skin tag using tea tree oil? If you follow eastern medicine, the reason why tags are formed in the first place is because of "dampness" of the skin internally. The tea tree oil just happens to be a natural drying agent. The Asians believe that by applying tea tree oil directly to the affected area, you can essentially dry the tag of skin from inside out.