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Brain C-13 Review

by Shanu Sweet (2019-07-25)

For some reason in mental illness, we tend to Brain C-13 still somewhat hold the person responsible for their actions, where we never hold the same stance for physical illness. For example, the mother of the victim would probably not be as enraged if her son was killed by a driver who had an epileptic seizure behind the wheel. They are both out of the control of the patient, but for some reason we as a society still think the mentally ill should have to be punished for their actions. You leave the doctor's office with the words still ringing in your ears - child ADHD. While the diagnosis is not necessarily a surprise, you do not know if you should grieve or be relieved. On one hand, you have confirmation as to why your child struggles in school and has trouble focusing and paying attention. On the other hand, this means that your child has a label (child ADHD) that will follow him or her through school and possibly beyond. Is this the dawn of a better future for your child, or just another reminder that your child is different? The answer to the last question is often determined by how you as parents react to the label.