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Memory Hack

by Cynthia Richards (2019-07-24)

Situations where the child may find it difficult to Memory Hack Review control their behavior require special preparation. The parent should anticipate potential problems that might arise beforehand and discuss these with the child. An example would be this; your ADHD child is going with you to an elderly neighbor's house to visit. This neighbors house in not child friendly and there is nothing there for a child to do. You will need to tell the child that the house is not child friendly and that you are going to bring an acceptable toy for the child to play with, the child will need to be reminded to be quiet, polite, and to socially engage the neighbor for an age appropriate amount of time. You can tell the child that after 'X' number of minutes it will be OK to bring out the toy and play quietly until you are finished with the visit. It should be clearly spelled out in advance what is not OK behavior and what the consequences are for misbehaving. Rewarding positive behavior, as quickly and consistently, as punishing unacceptable behavior will go a long way to keeping your children well behaved. Positive reinforcement tools such as awarding chips or points for good behavior, which can later be used for privileges, often motivates children with ADHD to be on their best behavior.