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Piperinox Review

by Jency William (2019-05-11)

CLA is sold with the promise that it will Piperinox help an individual lose fat, maintain weight loss, and increase muscle mass. Sounds a bit like a miracle supplement. Most of the studies on CLA and its proposed benefits are conflicting, being very polar in nature whether it be for the short- or long-term. Apparently, either it works, or it does not. This pertains to CLA alone, or in foods enriched with it. At best, some results have shown a small to modest decrease in body fat and a slight increase in muscle mass, but the numbers are far from being earth-shattering. Results concerning weight gain prevention through CLA supplementation are mixed, showing no effects15, or successful prevention. So, why is this particular nutritional supplement so popular if all study results are not pointing in the same direction? The most likely source of interest stems from preliminary CLA research that showed very promising results for health benefits and changes in fat profiles. What is more than a little disappointing is that those positive outcomes came from, and are still coming from, studies involving mice, rabbits, rats, pigs, cows, hamsters, dogs, and chickens. Surprisingly, some research into CLA's effect on porcine demonstrates an increase in intramuscular adipose tissue. This means CLA actually stimulated a gain, not a loss, in fat within the muscle tissue of pigs.