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No Bs Manifesting Course Review

by Jency William (2019-05-08)

If we maintain a clean and No Bs Manifesting Course peaceful environment then we attract peaceful, harmonious spirits. A place filled with fear, addictions, violence and anger will attract noxious lowly or Dark spirits. Some places seem to be a nexus of Dark energy being the location of trauma and death; such places need healing or the energy builds and attracts even more of the same. For those living in or near such places it is often advisable to call in the help of those who are experienced in dealing with such negative entities. Such places are not the time for amateur ghostbusters to play at exorcisms-their inept actions can cause an activation and increase in danger very quickly. Since ancient times people have had methods to deal with all kinds of spirits, both good and evil. It is only in the last 60 years or so that acknowledging such things has become laughable...and the increase in negative energies since then has been astronomical. Fortunately the tide is turning as more people are demanding to be helped and the whole subject is becoming mainstream. The phrase "What you don't know can hurt you" comes to mind. Tear-soaked eyes, or certainly a soul tending that way, usher a time for the spirit to bathe in the sublimely sorrowful pleasure of the saddest music one can find - to simply play and cry to. For in this we somehow know our souls are ministered to, healed; set free. I had a grandfather who I'm told simply loved to listen to classical music - even the instruments like the violin - and just weep. I'm sure it was a deeply spiritual experience for him, beyond even simple emotion. Music that drags us out of the sullenness of anger and just reveals us for who we are, hurting for whatever reason, has a fervent solemnity about it. It is forever cherished in our hearts. It augments surrender, which is what we need - to surrender to our sense of bullish though proudly foolish courage to resist the healing we could otherwise have.