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Uncompromised Life Review

by Jency William (2019-04-11)

Sometimes you sabotage your own best intentions by Uncompromised Life what you are telling yourself. Have you ever paid attention to those words in your head that keep recycling? Just how many times have you heard your inner voice say "you will never lose weight so why bother trying," or "you won't get that promotion because you are too tall, too young, too old, and too skinny or too ... you fill in the words?" Self-talk can be absolutely devastating, destructive and discouraging. Negative self-talk in the field of Feng Shui would be considered energy-draining clutter in your mind. This is the type of negative clutter that can send your potential success on a slippery downward slope from which you may spend months or years recovering. When I'm talking about what it is that a coach does, I use a short little narrative that never fails to get someone's interest and attention. That's because it makes for a very big BFO - Blinding Flash of the Obvious. What makes it a BFO is that it really is so very obvious, but until you actually say it and follow the logic of it, the inherent magic of this little narrative remains a buried treasure for change. Depending on who I'm talking to, it goes something like this: You know, the way that you perceive something is the way that you will react to it, right? And the way you react to something will determine your behavior, right? And how you behave is what gives you your results in life and at work. So, bottom line, it's your perception of something that really gives you your results.