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Nutrisleep Rx Review

by Jency William (2019-04-02)

In fact I think I tried everything except Nutrisleep Rx surgery. I must say that losing a bit of weight did help a bit but it was not enough. It did made me look on internet forums at exercises and I found an e-book that was life changing for me. It is called the stop snoring exercise program and it is the best money I spend in years. 80 percent of the snoring stopped after one week of doing 3 minute exercises and 90 percent after a month. This was the first remedy that actually worked. After years of snoring I finally found something that worked and I did not need surgery for it, it cost me $49 and that was it. I did have some nights that I did snore a bit, but because it was nothing compared to the way I snored before doing the exercises. I was not planning to do anything about it. My wife was also snoring a bit on some days and that seemed normal at the time. Until a friend suggested a snore no more pillow, I told him I already tried one and that it was just another disappointment. But he was very convincing, so I bought an official snore no more pillow (be aware of cheap knock offs, they do not work!) and gave it to my wife as a joke. You can understand that I was amazed when she stopped snoring with this pillow. So I bought one for myself and I asked people on a medical forum to try this pillow if they where thinking about buying a stop snoring pillow anyway. It did not stop everyone from snoring and it certainly did not work completely for the heavy snorers but it did reduce the snoring for almost everybody.