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Combat Shooter System

by Jency William (2019-03-29)

This game is so often underrated. And although it Combat Shooter System doesn't offer as much realism as some online fps games it is a heck of a lot of fun. The maps involved are control point based, so you need to get to objectives and hold your ground long enough to capture the point. There is a class based character system so you can choose what type of weapon you have from a selection of rifles and machine guns. This dictates how you play through the map, for instance the rifles are better for the long range stand offs down the streets but the machine gun helps more in the tighter spaces within buildings. The only downside is probably the lack of single-player or co-op mode. A re-enactment of a famous squad mission would have really helped this game's popularity. I'm a huge stickler for genre-definition. Contrary to the state of my desk I prefer my games nicely pigeon holed in specific pockets of genre clarity. But when I started thinking about the definition of military games everything went a bit fuzzy. It all started well, the first thing that came to mind was strategy games. Such as the Total War series and Risk. But then my rational mind said to me, as it often does, surely anything containing a feudal hierarchy should be classed as a military game? Well yes and no, yes they contain aspects of a military but perhaps that doesn't make it one. Especially not if you turn against the system during the course of the story, that just doesn't make sense somehow. There is also the idea that a military game originates from the military itself. The American army is well known to have used games as a recruiting tool. This is now into it's 3rd iteration and I would guess to be hugely successful. Whether it is morally correct to use entertainment as a recruitment tool however? It has never stopped them in the past I suppose!