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by Panalean Review (2019-11-27)

Away from the slimming drugs, many people have a genuine desire to reduce weight, but the problem they face is the constant feeling of hunger. Now here are some suggestions derived from personal experiences to those who have managed to control bouts of hunger and were able to reduce weight.
1- Keep yourself busy: Whenever you feel you need to eat, engage yourself in any action, such as reading a book or go out for a walk. The greater the activity, the less you think about food, as well as the more activity the more calories burned, which means that you can eat more food.
2- Drink more fluids: Drinking about two liters of water a day between meals reduces appetite and sense of hunger. Sometimes a person feels hungry, but this feeling may mean that the human need for water, not food. Drink the water first because it may help you to avoid eating more calories trying to get rid of them.