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by Jerome Princy (2019-11-14)

If a pregnant women StrictionD Review suffering from gestational diabetes is unable to control her levels of blood sugar then the baby is also at an increased risk of abnormalities. These involve growing to a larger size to make the delivery too hard, suffering from hypoglycemia soon after birth and an increased risk of suffering from jaundice. This type of diabetes does not have long term effects on the health of the mother; however in some cases there could be some deformation of tissues and mutation in few parts of the women's body. The moment the signs of gestational diabetes are seen in pregnant women, it is good to go through a glucose tolerance test. It is also important to consult doctor soon after detecting the signs of gestational diabetes. Sometimes this type of diabetes could be inherited as well. A prime cause of this diabetes is being overweight, obese or suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome. Further the baby born from the gestational diabetic mother has an increased risk of suffering from type 2 diabetes later in his life. While treating diabetes it is extremely important to lower blood sugar levels. The lucky readers here would find out the list of all vegetables and foods that lower blood sugar levels naturally. Nettle naturally possesses a great healing power. It also has the potential of reducing the level of blood glucose. It is good to use nettle quite often if a person is suffering from diabetes. It is also good to drink a tea or decoction of common nettle; however the best way is to have fresh nettle daily. Bistort root is also good for diabetics. One tablespoon decoction made from herbs of bistort root is good if taken by diabetics daily. Purslane seeds and tops are the best remedies for treating diabetes; however these are not good if the diabetic has the problem of blood pressure as well. Diabetics suffering from hypertension must avoid purslane. It is good to prepare a decoction of purslane herbs. One tablespoon of herbs is enough for one glass of water if boiled for 10 minutes. Afterwards the decoction should be left to brew for around 2 hours. One tablespoon of this decoction is enough to bring the blood sugar level down if taken thrice a day. These herbs not only lower down the blood sugar level but at the same time also carry other advantageous qualities.