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Keto 180

by Jerome Princy (2019-11-10)

One of the most debated Keto 180 Review topics in the recent year is whether rapid weight loss or slow weight loss is more beneficial to body in the long run. However recent study showed that both rapid and slow weight loss are equal regarding unexpected health problems or maintaining the reduction in weight. Losing the excess fat is the most important issue. People having very low calorie diets (VLCD) have rapid weight reduction about 1 year later than people having conventional low calorie diets (LCD).A very low calorie diet provides about 800 calories in a day which results in a greater initial loss (16% vs. 9% for standard low calorie diets). But in the long run, the loss of 6.3% in the VCLD groups was not significantly higher than the 5% loss among the LCD participants. Also there weren't much difference between harmful side effects, attrition and weight related morbidity between both ways. By these results it can be shown that VLCDs are not much superior to LCDs from medical point of view. Also it is proved that there is no increase morbidity or harmful effects associated with rapid weight loss. So in the end, the dieter should decide which method suit him the best. Also dieters who are obese or extremely over weight lose weight at a much faster rate. Also there are positive feedback from friends and family. There is also the feel good factor of checking your new weight and being able to get into trousers you were never able to do before. One cannot lose weight by jumping from one program to another. One should just stick to the basic instructions of one program. Make your own optimum program around these instructions to get maximum output. Below are some instructions which will totally change your dieting plan which you have designed for yourself. The most important rule of losing weight is that your calorie intake should be less than the amount of calorie you burn during your day to day exercises. You should always ensure this. You should always count your calories even while you are in middle of intense exercise session or you may end up in gaining weight. To make your body work in an optimum manner, you need to drink lots of water. Also exercise daily for a fixed amount of time to burn off the extra fats. You should eat your food at short and regular intervals. No snacking in between is allowed.