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The Lean Body Hacks

by Jerome Princy (2019-10-03)

Green tea has catechins which The Lean Body Hacks Review speed up both burning of fat and metabolism. This antioxidant is also capable of reducing the amount of bad cholesterol plus it helps flush out toxins acquired in the body. So now that you know what food type you should eat more of, let's talk about those muscle building exercises. The usual problematic areas for both male and female are the arms, stomach and thighs. For the arms, you should be doing push-ups, sit ups for the stomach and lunges for the thighs. But you already know that, what you don't know is that you don't have to do these exercises like crazy. Study shows that high intensity exercises followed by low intensity exercises are the best way to burn off fat! So, what you should do is start of slow, give it 10 counts before speeding up the moves. Keep the fast rhythm for about 20 to 25 counts before slowing down again to a normal pace. The reason for this is that you are giving your body time to adjust to the new situation, allowing it to burn more fat than sticking to a strictly high or low intensity exercise. To burn ugly fat and loose excess weight is not rocket science and therefore has procedures that if followed chronologically will yield unbelievable results. You would be stunned on how easy and quick it is to lose that embarrassing weight you keep inside of you. If You have seen swimmers you would notice that they all have a flat stomach, ever wonder why? because swimming is a kind of sport that stimulates every muscle in your body. This causes your body to burn fat at a faster rate. You would not just get a flat stomach if you engage in swimming you will get six pack abs and this would also make you look fit and healthy You can actually burn fat anywhere and at anytime, because our body is a fat burning machine, we burn fat every time we move, walking makes the process even faster. Walking stimulates your muscles and you burn fat quicker. Taking small walks pretty much guarantees you a flat stomach. This is mostly common with those people who workout, a good night rest gives your muscles the opportunity to relax and makes them build up even more. Make sure your body is always rested in a comfortable position while you sleep. This will make your body store more energy that can be channeled into other creative activities like swimming, speed walk and so many others. Many people think that when they are going to the gym or they are going to jog early in the morning, they will lose weight. Well, this won't cut it because there are more factors that affect weight loss. Of course, you will burn calories while working out or jogging but you won't burn enough to lose some excess pounds. To get results, your body needs to be in the right state. I call this state the "Fat Burning Mode" because this is the time where your body will do everything it can to burn the maximum amount of fat possible. Sounds awesome right? So, how to "turn on" fat burning mode?