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Blood Sugar Stabilizer

by Regina Fancy (2019-09-09)

Exceeded the 7 per cent weight-loss goal, losing an Blood Sugar Stabilizer Review average of 10 per cent of body weight after six months. Kept weight off through to the end of the year-long study. Although average weight bounced back slightly, on average, the participants were still more than 8 per cent below their starting weights after a year.Reduced their fasting blood glucose from an average of 9.4mmol/l - well into dangerously elevated territory - to 6.9mmol/l, which crosses the border into non-diabetes territory. That's a significant 2.5 point difference. Brought their hemoglobin Alc levels (a measure of blood glucose averages over a three-month period) down from an average of 8 (typical for people with diabetes) to 6.7, which is below the goal of 7. Improved their insulin sensitivity by fivefold in some cases and, in many cases, by twofold. Because the sophisticated laboratory tests for insulin sensitivity are not generally available you won't be able to check your own sensitivity improvement, but if you have better sugar control with less medication, your sensitivity will have improved. Were able to stop taking medication.