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3 Benefits Of Doing Flexibility Exercises For Bodybuilding

by Hyperbolic Stretching Review (2019-09-09)

Back in school when we went to gym class the gym teacher usually made us go through these seemingly pointless routines at the beginning, a little running, some stretching and some other stuff. These exercises are a lot more important than you think, when you don't do them you are more likely to twist an ankle, dislocate a shoulder or get a pec tendon tear (this one is scary).


You must to do joint and muscle flexibility exercises. I used to avoid flexibility exercises because I did not want to "waste the time" and ended up having some joint pains in my right knee, it was nothing serious but it did teach me what happens when you don't stretch. so here are the benefits of this "time wasting" activity.

1. You Feel Better
If done properly flexibility exercises will leave you feeling lighter on your feet and more relaxed, similar to when you get a little drunk only you are completely sober.
This can make you lose your edge before going to the gym so don't go hardcore stretching before a workout, but do enough of it. A good idea would be to do about 15 minutes of stretching before a workout and about 40 minutes of hardcore stretching after a workout, and you can also give stretching it's own days.

2. Makes You More Flexible
I will give you a tip here to get the most out of this, you have to relax while you stretch, also you have to breath properly, for example you have to inhale and exhale slowly while you reach for your toes (or the floor if your toes are not enough of a challenge), like I said keep yourself completely relaxed.
If you try to force your muscles to stretch you might damage them, so try to relax them as much as possible, people who are into yoga do similar breathing exercises and that is how the guys you see on TV get so flexible and are able to do some really weird stuff.

3. You Will Have Less Trouble Doing Certain Exercises
If you have a stiff back you might have a hard time doing squats while keeping the back straight, stretching will loosen it up and you wont have as hard of a time at the gym.
Stretching increases your range of motion and that way you will have less of a chance to get hurt at the gym.