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Capsiplex Sport Review

by Cynthia Richards (2019-08-20)

Doctors believe that widespread Vitamin D Capsiplex Sport deficiency during winter time may be why we have a flu season. "The lack of vitamin D in the winter may be a "seasonal stimulus" to the infectivity of the influenza virus" according to Drs. Aloia and Li-ng. (from "Epidemic Influenza and Vitamin D, Epidemiology and Infection, October 2007). Ever wonder why the flu season is in the winter? It's likely because the populations vitamin D levels go down in the winter time, making us more vulnerable to the flu infection. Are flu vaccines working? Would vitamin D work better? "A 2006 study stated "We found no evidence of reduction in influenza-related mortality in the last 15 years, despite the concomitant increase of influenza vaccination coverage from ~10% to ~60%"". (from the Virology Journal, February 2008, "On the Epidemiology of Influenza").