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Nutonen Review

by Cynthia Richards (2019-08-08)

The body is breaking down the carbohydrates into Nutonen glucose and then it enters the blood stream. Eating more carbohydrates can result to a higher blood sugar. As a result, the body will produce insulin. The insulin will then drive the blood sugar into the cells. At the outside of the cells inside the body were insulin receptors, which are acting like small doors which close and opens for the regulation of the blood sugar's inflow. After the passing years of consummation of the high-carbohydrate diets, the cells will have then be showered with too much insulin that results to the malfunctioning of the doors and they shutdown. The effects of menopause on blood sugar levels can cause problems especially if you are diabetic. When a women goes through menopause their hormone levels change, but most women are unaware that it will also change the levels of their blood sugar. Women who suffer from diabetes and then go through menopause have extra work on their hands as they not only have to monitor their blood glucose levels more closely, but they also have to manage and control the effects of menopause on their body. Being a diabetic and going through menopause you will more than likely need to change the dosage of you medications or insulin as menopause will change the way your body reacts to your normal dosages.