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by Cynthia Richards (2019-08-05)

Vice and bad habits are another thing that the world StrictionD Review has shown us and what have we done? We embraced them so tight that we didn't even care about what would happen to our body. These things and many others are just some of the causes of so many different diseases that pester the world nowadays. Diabetes is one of them. It kills people each day but people can't blame anybody else but themselves. Diabetes is caused by smoking, too much drinking, stress, intake of sugary food and obesity. If we really go back to the basic premise of each cause, we would realize that these causes are just caused by our abuse to our basic need - food, entertainment and fun, and the need for money. In our everyday lives, keeping the blood sugar levels normal is one aspect that we have to keep in mind. This is because, from that thought we can control the food that we eat and our lifestyle. Keeping the blood sugar levels normal isn't that difficult when you don't have diabetes yet, even when the family has history of diabetes given that it is a hereditary disease. Here are the ways in keeping the blood sugar levels normal. Food and rest always go hand in hand thus, eating the right kind of food is very necessary. To keep a healthy body, eating vegetables especially the green leafy vegetables will surely prevent diabetes. Drinking a lot of water too is a great way.