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Brain C-13 Review

by Shanu Sweet (2019-08-02)

You want your child to do well, you want to take Brain C-13 the advice of professionals, but when they are little, it's a hard choice to make. So, following our doctor's advice and teachers prodding, we decided to put her on a prescription medication when she was seven. We received good reports from the classroom that she was calmer and doing better while in school. At home, it was a different story. Those years she took the medication were the worst years of our lives. In our case, the medication worked for about 10 hours, and as it wore off, she experienced dramatic mood swings. Homework every night became a two hour battle, always involving tears and screaming, and quality of life for our entire family diminished completely. After living like this for two years, we decided to take her off the medication for the summer. Not only that, we decided to find a a natural alternative ADHD treatment. We discussed our plans with our doctor, researched, and found something we wanted to try.