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by Shanu Sweet (2019-07-31)

Is the Duct Tape method of getting rid of a wart HydraLyft Review really a miracle cure? Well, yes and no. The fact is that it depends on your immune system and where the wart is located. A wart is a small and rough tumor that grows on the surface of the skin. While usually painless, warts can be quite a nuisance and may cause a bit of skin irritation if they are located on high friction areas of the body, namely the feet and hands. Because of their rough appearance, a wart may resemble a patch of cauliflower and may be lighter or darker in color to surrounding skin. One of the most popular methods of getting rid of warts involves the Duct Tape method. Using this method for one or two months has worked quite well for some people. However, as mentioned earlier, success really depends on the individual's immune system. Why? The Duct Tape method works by enticing the immune system to respond to the adhesive chemicals in the tape, and thus, battling the virus. Some people may experience no effect at all, or worse a negative affect causing the irritation to become worse. First, simply cover the affected area with Duct Tape. Be sure that the tape covers the entire wart. Leave the tape on for at least 6 days.