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Cardio Clear 7 Review

by Cynthia Richards (2019-07-31)

All the sex hormones including androgen, testosterone, Cardio Clear 7 estrogen, progesterone and DHEA require a certain substance for their manufacture. Guess what it is... Yep... Free radical protection depends on cholesterol too. Excess free radicals makes for more risk for heart disease and cancer as well. While high cholesterol in children is usually associated with childhood obesity, that is not always the case. High cholesterol can occur under other circumstances. There are several risk factors for children, especially teens. These include: Family History: If other members of the family, particularly parents, have high numbers, the kids are at risk. Male relatives under 55 and female relatives under 65 have heart disease, the risk goes up more. Other factors that can be a problem include relatives who are obese, overweight, has diabetes or smokes. Child is Obese: Just as it would be for us, if the child is obese, the chances are good that the cholesterol will be also. Many of the foods that increase numbers are favorites of the young set. School lunches in some areas contribute by being high in fat, sodium and cholesterol. No Knowledge of Birth Family History: Children who are adopted probably won't have access to a family history. In order to protect their health, having regular cholesterol (and other) screenings may be required. Talk to your pediatrician.