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Brain C-13 Review

by Shanu Sweet (2019-07-28)

They're able to move through the bereavement process Brain C-13 in a healthy way, often feeling intense emotions immediately after the loss, but eventually making peace with it and incorporating it into the fabric of their lives. When you experience a major loss, it's usually very helpful to give yourself permission to fully experience your feelings, rather than burying them. Other things that people often find beneficial are talking about the loss with people they're close to, joining a bereavement support group, journalling, doing artwork or creating a ritual related to the loss. These activities, combined with the passage of time, can facilitate grieving. However, some people do get somewhat frozen and find it difficult to move forward with their lives. Although time passes, emotionally these people never fully grieve their loss, so they carry it forward with them in a toxic manner. That can manifest itself in many ways, such as the person retreating from life or not being able to form intimate bonds with other people in the future. In those cases, professional mental health care might be called for.