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Memory Hack Review

by Shanu Sweet (2019-07-24)

By visualizing a perfect practice or skill you can Memory Hack continue your training program without additional fatigue. Studies have shown activity can occur within the musculoskeletal and nervous systems during visualization. Visualization techniques are also very useful for relaxation and calming nerves before events. Injured athletes can benefit from the power of visualization when they may not be able to physically practice their skills/event. Mantras. The powerful phrases, words that are presented to your mind repeatedly can have a huge effect on attitude and performance. If you tell yourself you are weak, tired, & pathetic over and over and would that make you feel? The opposite is also true. Preparing for an event should include verbal and written mantras that are visible, dynamic and powerful. Words such as STRONG, POWERFUL, SMOOTH, FAST, FLOWING etc are examples of mantras that may work for you. The important thing is selecting a word or short phrase that resonates with you. Repeating this word during your practices, and events can become an excellent tool for positive performance.