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Awaken The Species Review

by Jency William (2019-04-23)

Calm, self-assured, and resilient Awaken The Species in the face of social stupidity, and divisive discourse, the warrior mind-set insists upon an evolving transition to higher states of differentiation. What benevolence of demeanor befalls individual abiding preoccupations? Can a person sustain the perseverance in the face of monumental anti-social diversities? Where can one find an open space of mental freedom of expression absent the destructive insurgencies of stupid, superficial and selfish people? It is a limited landscape at certain times of the day. By the fleecing of the flock, with knock of devolution, distractions mislead the essence of focus at times. Purposeful blindness of profound introspection and illuminated insight remains stifled for the sake of the mediocre, the mundane and the malicious. Stupidity abounds by menacing tentacles of interference with the alacrity of self-evolution to better versions than the original. Egoistically immature and cowardly intentions perpetrate the selfishness in the horrors of communal misguidance and misdeeds. Weary is the traveler who would be different. A calamity of continuous events, from academia to corporate empires and political establishments, collude to distract and dissuade dissenting perspectives. For the sake of immediate gratification in the solidification of status quo and conforming consensus, the many acquiesce to the illusions of mythic conjectures. Yet, in the small constabulary of valiant knights, for the reason of rationality and the persistence of growth and maturity, the brave few fight back. Nonetheless, the proselytes and gurus of stupidity continue to oppress as many as possible.