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helping with homework

by Alexandra Grayson (2018-08-08)

"Why don't we just send them to school and have no classes and give them assignments?"

In elementary schools in much of metro NY that's pretty much what they've done for about 15(?) years since NYC and so many suburban districts adopted the snake oil that is the Lucy Calkins / Teachers College / Heinemann "partnership's" Reading and Writing Workshop curriculum. How much has this cash cow made from professional development programs for teachers anyway?

When having to do my accounting homework related to educational matters I found out in co-teaching classrooms where 40% of students have IEPs or 504 plans, you can bet the teachers aren't teaching the other 60% much of anything. Teachers disparage "direct instruction", i.e., teaching, in favor of having students' classmates "edit" their work for "publication". Last time I checked, most grade school students had not mastered writing well enough to edit someone else's work.

The students had better learn from their parents at home (or in affluent suburbs, from their tutors). The better part of their school days have been squandered between this kind of nonsense educational theory, canned ineffective psychosocial programs to address substance abuse and bullying, and entertainment masquerading as enrichment in lieu of meaningful history and science curricula.