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Vision 20

by Josephine Mary (2019-03-06)

Among the possible complications from a lasik eye procedure are Over or Under Correction. Vision 20 Review This is perhaps the most common complication from lasik surgery. It is generally a result of how the eye heals, and not a prescription error. The resulting condition can be corrected through glasses or contacts (likely a great disappointment to the patient) or through a subsequent laser procedure known as an "enhancement procedure".Night Glare and Halos. This condition results in decreased vision at night and has several causes. While normal during the healing phase, continued problems can be addressed through a variety of techniques.Epithelial ingrowth. This occurs when the outer cornea layer grows under the flap. While usually insignificant, a small number of patients will require further treatment. - Flap folds. Occur when the flap becomes wrinkled. A small number of patients will experience vision problems as a result of this and require repositioning of the flap.Inflammation (DLK). Inflammation can develop where the flap makes contact with the eye and may result in photophobia (light sensitivity) and some loss of visual acuity. Causes are unknown, however the condition must be treated to prevent damage to the eye.Ectasia. This occurs when the surface of the eye is weakened by an overly thick flap and can lead to eye bulging.These are but a few of the more common complications. They are not intended to scare anyone away from lasik surgery. Your initial consultation with your surgeon will include a comprehensive eye examination which will help identify pre-existing eye conditions which may put you at greater risk of complications. Your surgeon may recommend alternatives to lasik based on your examination. However, even though you may be determined to be a perfect candidate for lasik, the possibility of complications always existsAs a consumer, most surprises may be avoided by simply learning as much about the procedure as possible beforehand, and then carefully choosing a competent qualified surgeon.There is a popular company out there that claims that they have a method of eye exercises that will help you see clearly. They sell tens of thousands of their $400 kits each month. Allow me to reveal to you... free eye exercises. These eye exercises can be done almost anywhere or anytime.You engage in regular physical activity to exercise your body and to promote overall health, rightWell, why not do the same for your eyes