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Tag Away

by Josephine Mary (2019-03-04)

There are certain tips about the skin care routine that one needs to follow in Tag Away Review order to meet his/her skin requirements. The body care routine needs to be followed in two schedules, once in morning, before going out for work and once in evening, before going to bed. A mere fifteen minutes process each time can help with restoring skin moisture, replenish body nutrition, and protect skin from sun uv rays exposure, dirt and pollutants.Start your morning feeling fresh your daily care routine to prepare your skin for the day.Cleanse First process of the routine is Cleansing. Face should be washed with a gentle, soap free and nonfoaming cleanser. Non foaming cleanser should be used as the foaming cleansers may have drying ingredients. Face cleansers make your skin squeaky clean without the drying effect. Cleansers should be massaged on the face for 23 minutes, gently rubbed on wet skin. Wash your face with plain water and pat dry with clean towel, use cotton towel if you can. Now your body is clean and clear for other products to be used.Exfoliate Now the skin is clean from the dirt and pollutants, so comes the turn of dead skin and pores. Exfoliation takes care of these problems. You should get a good exfoliator or a gentle scrubber according to your skin type and requirements. body may be rubbed gently for a few seconds only. One may also try a natural exfoliator to avoid chemical ingredients of the market products. Honey orange scrub, banana scrub, curd and papaya scrub are homemade exfoliators which can be sued. Over exfoliating should be avoided as it can cause more harm than benefit.Tone Now comes toning. After the body is exfoliated, the pores are open and bare. Toner is a liquid meant to close the opened pores while cleansing. It makes skin look soft and boosted. It should be followed after every cleansing ritual. Try to use mild alcohol free toner. Homemade toner can be used too.Moisturize Next comes Moisturizing This is a must do step of all and should be followed by people of every skintype. It provides your skin with the softness and suppleness along with the hydration. You can opt for oil based, oil free, water based, oil free moisturizer based on your skin type.Shield Last step of the way is protection from UV rays. You can get sunscreen for all skin types ranging from SPF 15 to as high as SPF 50. Try picking one according to your daily sun exposure. Apply sunscreen 30 min before getting out in the sun.The nightly skin care routine is as simple as it is important. First of rid your face of all the makeup that you put on throughout the day. Clean your face from the dirt, duct, pollutants and grease. Start with cleansing milk or olive oil to remove the layer of makeup. Then wash the face with a mild cleanser and tone with a suitable toner.After that apply a nourishing night cream containing, collagen, retinol or AHA so that your body replenishes and regenerates itself while you are asleep. Do this along with a soothing undereye serum and get ready for your nap. Following these simple steps will let you keep your body ever glowing and healthy.