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Becoming Limitless

by Josephine Mary (2019-02-28)

What I do know is that most people are pretty close to where they are now compared to Becoming Limitless Review last year and where they will be this time next year. These individuals continue to be one of the many who fail to achieve success instead of one of the few who master success.And what is even more ridiculous is that there is so much help out there such as M.A.P. to Success a free email coaching program to master success to paid business coaching training services. People have far more resources today than ever before and many are literally at their finger tips.Yet, these individuals prefer to keep on doing what they have always been doing and getting what they have always been getting. Pretty sad is it not Success Coaching Tip Stop living Einstein's definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again hoping for different results.Yes taking action is sometimes not easy. However, being stuck in the same place is probably far more difficult than most people realize. For the longer you are stuck, the longer you will stay stuck.Take this master success coaching tip to heart. Just do one thing more each day, one thing more each week, one thing more each month and watch your successes multiply. Within the year, traveling the road to success will become much easier. You will no longer be fearful of all those shots that you never take.This sounds like either a really dumb title or it might be something really deep. You are going to have to be the one to decide. It is a statement with wide applicability and yet the meaning has haunted me for years and always implied some deeper meaning.The first time I remember hearing it was from my father when he told me, "you won't be happy until you are happy." My response at the time was, "Huh"As I grew older, I learned about the "Law of Attraction" which can be summed up by Proverbs 237, "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he." It was then that I understood what my father had been telling me.The second time I heard it was when I was writing a chapter for "Masterpieces in Health Care Leadership" a text book for the Health Care Industry. My interviewee was Mike Visniesky, the Director of Environmental Services at Fairview Hospital. Mike was talking to his people and he told them that, "you won't be a leader until you are one.Mike's statement reminded me of an earlier time in my career when I watched another person get a promotion I thought I deserved. I was bright, had a college degree, all I needed was a chance. Later I looked back on that time and realized the subsequent promotions I received had come after I demonstrated my leadership ability in the very role I had been promoted to. I wasn't given the official title until I had demonstrated that I really was the leader.Eventually I started my own business because I wanted to be successful. As I talked to my sister about my plan for the new business, she said to me that I had a very successful corporate career and she was certain I would be successful in this endeavor. I realized that what appeared to be successful to others didn't feel successful to me. It was then I started to ask the questions, who am I Why am I here