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by Josephine Mary (2019-02-28)

The enduring 'real beauty' of personality and behaviour aside, there have been numerous Naturaful Review studies into what factors influence initial physical attractiveness. Appearance does play a part, but studies have found that selfassurance can make or break physical attractiveness. Selfconfidence not only determines how one carries oneself in social situations, but how one presents oneself to the word in the first place. The suggestion is that, in addition to poise and selfassurance increasing the attractiveness of an individual in the eye of the beholder, confident individuals tend to present themselves betterwhether it be in their grooming, health and figure or dress sense. Certainly, arrogance is a turnoff and being a slave to one's physical appearance does not necessarily exude confidence, much less attractiveness, but the universal appeal of individuals who carry themselves well and are able to strike a balance between caring about their appearance and obsessing over it indicates that beauty is first and foremost a state of mind.The Biology of Natural Beauty In spite of the fact that ours is a society obsessed with airbrushed selfies and the particularly overdone beauty of the Kardashians, research suggests that, in the 'real world', natural beauty is more attractive to most individuals. The biology of beauty is not about perfection, but rather about the enhancement of one's inherent beauty. Makeup and styling products can certainly superficially enhance one's beauty, but beauty experts recommend starting with a good canvas before reaching for the paint. Clear skin, good hair, and an attractive smile are universally appealing features, and require selfcare before makeup and other cosmetic products and enhancements. Selfcare need not be obsessive or exhaustiveyour skin care regimen can, for example, be enhanced by a nourishing beauty bar. Of key importance is that you take care of yourself, as doing so will not only certainly enhance your physical appearance, but will also improve your confidence.