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by Josephine Mary (2019-02-27)

The American Psychological association had renamed the condition to its OptiMind Review present form ADHD, noting that it was a distinct condition that could profoundly affect our behaviors stemming right back to our childhoods. Recent modalities of brain scanning PET and functional magnetic resonance, has proven beyond doubt that those with ADHD have distinct brain functioning patterns compared to normal people.It is therefore recognized today that the condition has always existed in society, although whether its prevalence has truly increased or not in recent decades is unknown. This is because the diagnostic criteria themselves have been relatively recently defined. One of the areas which needs research in the future is exactly at what point treatment becomes necessary, as there are many borderline cases where there is relatively little dysfunction.The dreams you see when you sleep are produced by the unconscious mind that is wise and has saintly characteristics. Its nature is a very big mystery, which can be explained through deductions based on scientific discoveries and personal experiences, but are not considered as scientific proof.The scientific world demands various things from anyone that tries to prove something. Personal experiences are not respected as scientific evidence, even when there are many facts that prove that what the person has said can only be true, since they have no reason to lie, and many facts fit with their statements, proving that they are real.So, many dreams that reveal many important details about human nature are not as respected by the scientific world as they should be. However, the discoveries made through dream interpretation will surprise the scientific world.The mysterious unconscious mind is wise and saintly because it doesn't belong to the human being but to the wisest existing conscience, the first and unique conscience that could differentiate itself from the others and discovered goodness, the unique existing medicine against evil. This saintly conscience is GodHowever, the first conscience that discovered goodness could not convince the others to follow its example. This is why there is an evil part in the human conscience, besides the tiny human part, that is too thin and weak, like a skin covering a body the body being the absurd violent content of the wild conscience (anticonscience).This is why, also, the wise unconscious mind, to this day, tries to convince the human conscience to obey its guidance, so that it may escape from the destruction provoked by the huge wild part of the human conscience, which was not tamed by consciousness and is schizophrenic.