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Easy Retired Millionaire

by Josephine Mary (2019-02-23)

This program is in essence a "Business in a Box" concept. Easy Retired Millionaire Review It doesn't have any of the financial burdens and territorial limitations of a franchise that may cost many thousands of dollars more. For information contact us via e-mail, or via phone in the US at A Growing HistoryWhen Market America first started it had a few trinkets to offer customers and a grand vision of growing to a "mall without walls" where distributors could sell their customer quality products from any kind of product line. It has since grown to become that vision. JR Riddinger (Founder and President of MA) has created on online store where rep can offer customers their customers almost every brand of product out there and get credit for it.Market America offers its own branded products as well as name brand products everyone is familiar with. Make-up, nutritional products, jewelry and many more products are a part of what Market America offers as exclusive lines customers can't find anywhere else, which is important. But, the company also offers its reps an internet web portal that lets customers buy almost any product from any store out there.How You simply send your customer to your Market America web portal where they can choose from almost any store out there! Stores like Kohl's, Walmart, Disney, Apple, Nike and thousands of others are available to the customer. Once the customer has clicked on a store they are taken to that stores EXACT website but the rep now gets some credit for bringing the customer and can be paid commission points towards earning checks.So, not only does a rep have exclusive Market America branded products to sell, but can also profit from sending people to buy from online stores they already buy from through their own Market America web portal.The Business And Money EndMarket America calls its business opportunity the 'Unfranchise' because it claims to offer training's and a systemized method of running a business but without the large start-up costs you will find with franchises.