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Flat Belly Detox

by Josephine Mary (2019-02-22)

If you're trying to lose weight, which type of exercise do Flat Belly Detox you think will Flat Belly Detox Review be most effective, cardiovascular (cardio) training or strength training Like most people, you may be surprised to hear that when done properly, strength training can actually help you lose weight faster than cardio sessions.The notion that strength training is better for weight loss will come as a surprise to many people. It seems we're conditioned to focus on the number of calories we burn by doing different activities, but with this kind of thinking, we may be missing some important pieces of the overall picture. Let's start out by looking at the calories burned in a variety of cardio-oriented exercises.For maximum fat-burning effectiveness, your strength training workout should consist primarily of exercises that work large groups of muscles. An example of such an exercise is the Squat to Press, where you hold dumbbells at shoulder height, perform a squat, then when you get to standing, you immediately press the weights above your head. When you link a series of these exercises into circuits, taking very little rest between sets, you get an intense workout that exhausts nearly every muscle in your body. Not resting between sets will cause your heart rate and respiration to increase, making it into a cardio workout as well, causing you to burn far more calories.The major benefit of this kind of training, however, comes after the workout. With your cardio workout, your metabolism speeds up while you're exercising and for the hour or two you spend recovering, but the high-intensity strength training workout gives you a metabolic boost that lasts for up to two days. Since you've exhausted all those muscles, your body needs to work at repairing them, which in itself burns calories.