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Naturaful Syestem Review

by Josephine Mary (2019-02-19)

The "Need More Acres" CSA program in Bowling Green, Kentucky offers Naturaful Syestem a full array of foodstuffs to their shareholders. One farmer who runs a dairy provides fresh cheese, yogurt, and milk while another cattle farmer offers a fresh cut of beef every week. Two or three different vegetable farmers provide different sorts of vegetables while a local orchard provides apples and peaches when in season. A local bakery also participates as a providing member of the CSA, affording the shareholders a fresh baked loaf of bread made from locally produced wheat.Urban Agriculture Another "strategy" of the local food movement is urban agriculture, a movement that has been gaining steam in recent years throughout the major urban centers of the country. In many places around the country, empty lots and even rooftops have been transformed from beatup and neglected concrete jungles to thriving ecosystems providing tons of foodstuffs for local residents.The City of Detroit, Michigan presents an interesting case study for urban agriculture. In the past decades, the population of Detroit (and Michigan in general) has plummeted due to the decline of GM automobiles, one of the primary employers in the state. As Detroit became increasingly depopulated, the landscape changed as empty buildings, lots, and yards became more prevalent.Instead of simply allowing those empty spaces to go abandoned, a group of people began to design and start up a number of urban farms. According to the city mayor, Detroit now has over 1,400 urban farms offering a decent employment to thousands of people. At the same time, local residents not involved in these urban farming initiatives have access to fresh produce at some of the many farmers' markets set up around the city.Keep Growing Detroit is the organizational structure of the urban farming movement in the city. It helps to share resources with people interested in participating. Since many city dwellers have little knowledge of how to grow their own food, this knowledge sharing platform has helped to teach the necessary agrarian skills to get started farming and gardening.