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Is Surgery Enhancement worth a try

by Doc Fozzy (2019-02-12)

Surgeries designed to enlarge size often fall short of meaningful gains for men that have participated in these procedures. There are a handful of phalloplasty surgeons that have the skill and level of expertise to perform the surgeries. Penis Enlargement Surgery The surgery originated overseas and slowly made it's way to the United States in the 80's. The original procedure was a lengthening proccedure. The surgeon dissects a portion of the suspensory ligament to advance the appendage forward, visibly making the size appear longer. Surgical options are considered a risky option. with surgery there is cutting to access the suspensory ligament within the suprapubic region. Enlargement surgery is sometimes performed with non-surgical enhancements such as injection and other dermal fillers. With any surgery, there is scarring possible. Advancements in enlargement surgery was once considered taboo, however, opinion has changed some because of the change of opinion on surgery in society. Learn More: