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Accelerated Learning Techniques Review

by Josephine Mary (2019-02-07)

Making creative associations: This is a very good way to learn things quickly Accelerated Learning Techniques and memorize the same as well. You can try remembering new words or expression that you are learning with funny images. This way, your mind will be able to register the new information better and remember it for a long time. You can even practice this as a method of improving your memory power and test it.Using mind and body at the same time: This is another useful option that helps in improving memory power. If you read a book loudly, for instance, it can help your mind register the things better as it will not let your mind get diverted. The less diversion your mind has to face, the better concentration you can expect. This in turn will help in improving your memory.Taking breaks: This may sound like disruption in the way of concentration, but taking break and finishing the work you are doing in several short tints can really help in improving memory. This is because your brain has a tendency to remember less when put in use for a long stretch of time continuously. So, taking short breaks can rejuvenate your brain and boost up both concentration and memory level. You can take shot breaks and judgehow much you retain after you return to work, thus testing your memory power.Memory games: There are several sites where you can engage in free memory games. This can prove to be really helpful, if given proper time and attention. You can even try using simple tricks like working on simple household things while keeping your eyes shut. Such activities can stimulate the part of brain that generally remains unused and help in improving memory power.