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Interesting statistical tips about social media marketing

by mELINA RODRIGES (2019-11-18)

The social media world is constantly changing. We've collected all the latest numbers and numbers to make sure you are up to date on trends and trends that will drive social media marketing. In this way, social media services such as Facebook and Twitter If a user visits the site from a red-framed post or a tweeted article, it will become an “SNS inflow”. Buy website traffic is the Other than that, site visits from famous SNS such as Hatten bookmarks and LINE will also cause SNS inflows.

Social Media Marketing

There are 1.2 billion people in five social media users, which has grown by 6 million (2%) worldwide since the first release last year.

These social media marketing statistics give you the tools you need to improve your marketing and convince your colleagues and customers that social network marketing should be one of the top three priorities.

Social media marketing stats as a whole

Social media is growing and growing! At the end of year 2, Facebook had 3.9 billion active visitors per month. And most other social media platforms and apps have continued to grow in the past.

1. Adults online are most likely to follow the brand through the social network between the ages of 1 and 2 (1%). Think about your audience and see where they are most likely to follow your brand.

2. Seventy-one percent of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with one brand are likely to recommend it to others. Use social media as an efficient customer service tool to increase brand engagement and attract new customers.

3. Sixty-three percent of customers expect companies to provide customer service through social media channels. And 3. Social media users have recently used social media to connect with a brand or business. Don't neglect social media as a vital customer care channel.

4. Online companies are affected by the fact that they provide exceptional social media customer service. While only 5% of their customers agree. Try to be one of those companies that does the right thing for social media customer care.

5. The number of active mobile social media users in the world is 4.6 billion, or just over 4%. Approximately 3 million people used mobile social media for the first time every day at 7. Be sure to optimize your mobile social media campaigns, and since mobile advertising is relatively inexpensive and easy to generate, try multiple versions to see which one works best for you. Users spend an average of 5% of their time using the smartphone.

6. Ninety-six percent of those who discuss brands online do not follow those brands in their profiles. Companies need to go beyond their channels and monitor those unbranded conversations to gain valuable insights and manage brand health. Radium One estimates that 1% of content sharing outside of social networks will occur on channels such as email, instant messenger and SMS.

7. Video content is 3 times more likely to be shared on social media than other types of content. Flying Point Digital has a great post on how to create innovative content strategies on social media.


Social Media Marketing Statistics on Facebook

8. On Facebook 2, online and offline purchases affected 4% of consumers, up from 6% over 2 years. This demonstrates the importance of retailers in managing their social media channels that will have a direct impact on shopping behavior. One of the most popular ways to introduce apps is to use the Twitter, Buy Facebook Traffic, and Instagram advertising panels, along with long-term processes with popular and influential people in subtle advertising collaboration social networks.

9. There are now over 2 million small businesses that use Facebook pages to connect with customers. Five million of those businesses pay for social media advertising on Facebook. Social media advertising statistics show that small companies need to think about paying for Facebook advertising in order to be more prominent and to beat competitors relatively easily.

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