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top paper writer on taxes

by Callie Lorenzo (2018-01-25)

This most recent depression was a personal disaster. I saw my retirement savings drop by forty-five percent, I saw what was supposed be be my income producing portfolio, using a mere six percent income rate drop to one percent or less, and saw the value of my home drop thirty percent from i paid for it in 1995, well before the mania began in the residential market. This is what happened to millions of other Americans too. Now that this travesty of "tax reform" looks like its going to become law it's time for me to pull out of the markets altogether. At seventy I simply cannot afford yet another republican depression. This bill is removing much of the economic driver of the country, consumer demand. Common sense tells me you close factories and stores, etc when their products are no longer affordable. Putting money back in the hands of consumers is what pulled us out of the depression and made us a consumption driven economy. The only alternative to a consumer driven economy is a war driven economy. Some of us believe that is how the republicans actually proposing to keep the economic engine going. To do that they will either have to raise taxes fight yet another on VISA. I as a top paper writer at agree that a depression is coming and it will happen sooner rather that later. All of that being said, my only today is get out while I still have something to take out.