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the process of learning

by Callie Lorenzo (2018-01-23)

This notion that buying tablets and giving them to students will solve anything is foolish. I am also not a huge fan of the costs involved in "smart boards". 
But that being said, I as well as essay writers from  think we are getting close. The problem is that there is not a great teacher in every classroom. And even if there were, we could identify 10-15 lectures that are "best-of-breed" for any given lecture at MOST throughout the US. We don't need 100K teachers all recreating the wheel. 
But teachers don't have time to find the 'best" online lecture for a given topic. MOOCS are just now starting that process. The district administrators and even the US DOE need to be facilitating this process. Just like Amazon provides ratings and Facebook provideds "likes", we need to build up and publicize the "best of breed" lessons online. Only when these lessons are readily available should the technology be purchased and utilized for a portion of classroom time.  
When done correctly, these best of breed online lessons will make teacher time more valuable. Teachers can help students perform their practice problems. Often, students' homework is performed at home with no guidance. Online lessons can fix this problem since the teacher can help in the classroom. If the teacher is available to more students, we can increase teacher pay and get more highly capable teachers in these positions. 
I will admit others have different agendas (cutting costs only). But I would encourage our administrators who are supposed to have completed coursework in "organizational management" to do their job and facilitate best of breed lessons. Even if the technology didn't exist for online lessons, shouldn't admins be coordinating best of breed lessons within their own district? 
In the end, we need content before technology. But we are very close.