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Re: Transcribe voice to text

by sean uriel (2019-10-21)

In response to Transcribe voice to text

E-cigarettes do not contain other harmful components such as tar and aerosols in cigarettes.


E-cigarettes have the same appearance as cigarettes, and taste similar to cigarettes, even more than the taste of ordinary cigarettes. They can also smoke and absorb the taste and feel like cigarettes. Mainly used to quit smoking and replace cigarettes.

E-cigarette bad:

Because the electronic cigarette does not burn, it is not real tobacco, and the taste can never be the same as the cigarette.

The e-cigarette industry is currently in a chaotic market, especially in the Taobao market, which is full of counterfeit products. Even some of the best-selling products, some of the corresponding qualifications of the manufacturers are not up to standard.

E-cigarettes also have obvious exaggerated propaganda. For example, many people advocate that e-cigarettes have the effect of clearing lung poison. This is completely illegal propaganda. E-cigarettes are not even drugs. They simply cannot talk about lung poisoning. And science has also proved that e-cigarette does not have any function of clearing lung poison. E-cigarettes now only specifically replace cigarettes and assist smoking cessation.